Sunday, January 10, 2010

My House Smells Like Dog

These are the hounds. From left to right: Cosmo, Ocho, Nelson, and not on the couch, Goober. Ocho and Nelson are a lot bigger than they look in this picture because they're all curled up against the cold.

My house smells like dog. It smells like a mixture of wet dog, dirty dog, just washed dog, dog slobber, dog fart, dog toys, chewy bones, dog food, and oh-so-faintly of dog piddle. We successfully navigated potty training a long time ago but unless you strip the floors and repaint the room, you never really get the smell out.

No matter how thoroughly we clean and deodorize, that "dog smell" hangs around. Here's the thing: I LOVE the way my house smells.

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